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MinnSNOWta Roof Razor®, Inc. Patent #6092315. 

Made In The USA!

SNOWvember 2014, Orchard Park Village                                                       Photos courtesy of ©MALECKI               

Heavy duty commercial model.




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Metal Roof Kit


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Safe To Your Roof

Your property is your most valuable investment. The Roof Razor® Roof Rake prevents damaging ice dams and snow loading by removing snow from your roof leaving it unharmed. High tech poly wheels eliminate the old-fashioned damaging lift-chop-pull motion of a regular roof rake which cracks and splits brittle shingles.



Extra Pole


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Why So Effortless?

Gravity does all the work. Push the razor head upward into the snow and watch the snow slide down the chute. See how well it worked in these videos.

4-inch wheels


Residential model.

MinnSNOWta Roof Razor®

6 foot long.

Easier On Your Body

The MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® Roof Rake is user friendly. Just grab the pole and push with your feet firmly planted on the ground. No ladders! No need for brute strength! A simple push is all that's needed. The Roof Razor® Roof Rake is designed to remove snow quickly and efficiently saving you time outdoors in poor weather conditions. From teens to seniors, the Roof Razor® Roof Rake is easily operated. This snow cleaning/snow removal system is designed for long lasting durability and simple and efficient use.

Don't Allow Roof Damage From Deep and Heavy Snow!

Snow removal from the top of your roof is a dangerous and physically demanding job. You need to minimize your pain while enhancing your gain. You need to reduce your time outdoors in foul weather doing a big, ugly job. And you need a quality tool to do it. That's why the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® Roof Rake is the tool of choice when it comes to removing snow from your roof and protecting your investment.